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Downloading Data

You can use Datafiniti to download specific data sets from our various databases.  When requesting a download, your results will not appear immediately.  Instead, an asynchronous download process will begin.  You can check the status of this download process and retrieve the results once the process has finished.

The following steps outline how this happens.

Step 1. Request a download

You can start a download via the API by appending "&download=true" to your regular API call.

E.g., if your initial API call was:"dog food" AND price:*

Your download call would be:"dog food" AND price:*&download=true

Step 2: Checking the download status

Because downloads can potentially retrieve millions of records, the download request kicks off a background download process on our servers.  Requesting a download (as in Step 1) will give you a request ID, which you can check on by doing a call like:

You'll see the current status of the download, which will look something like:

This is also what the initial download call returns.  If you keep checking this API call, you'll see the numDownloaded gradually increase.  At some point, the download will complete, and status will change to "COMPLETED".

Step 3: Downloading data

Once the download has completed, you can see links to download the available data by making the following API call:

This will show you a list of 1 or more links, which will look something like:

At this point, you should download these links by copying the provided links and entering them in your browser, or by using any available command-line tools to retrieve them.