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Advanced API Queries

Here's a table of more advanced query types that will help you make more targeted search queries.

What You'd Like to DoHow to Do ItSpecific Example
Allow a field to have wildcard matching when searching on it
Require a field be filled out in your data set
Require a field to be at least some value in your data set
q=field_name:[smallest_value TO *]
q=dateUpdated:[2014-01-01 TO *]
Require a field have a specific range in your data set
q=field_name:[smallest_value TO largest_value]
q=rating:[3.0 TO 4.0]
Allow a field to have multiple possible values when searching on it
q=field_name:(field_value_1 field_value_2 field_value_3)
q=category:(restaurant bar club)
Search for data from 1 or more source URLs
q=source:(*sourceURL1* *sourceURL2*)
q=source:(http\:\/\/* http\:\/\/*)
Do a negative search on a field