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We are getting some pretty wild numbers for property data. In the example below we get SQM for a property in the U.S. but even when you convert it to SQFT its still off from what we are finding across the internet. Please advise ``` "floorSizeValue": 627.65, "floorSizeUnit": "sq m", ```

Source of the data

Where does DataInfiniti get the property data?

Contact info

Hello, May I please have a phone number where I can call and speak to a person regarding the data I am using for my mobile app?

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How do you delete your account? I have looked everywhere but I still can't figure it out.

Property Data API: cant query by lot size

I could not actually query by lot size (lotSizeValue), because each record have different units (lotSizeUnit). I tried using OR conditions but it doesn't work. Example: all properties with more than 50 acres: country:CA AND province:BC AND mostRecentStatus:(For Sale) AND ( (lotSizeUnit:(acs) AND lotSizeValue:(>=50)) OR (lotSizeUnit:(sq m) AND lotSizeValue:(>=202343)) OR (lotSizeUnit:(sq ft) AND lotSizeValue:(>=2178000))) You should provice a normalized lotSizeValue such as lotSizeValueSqm or lotSizeValueAcres so only one field needs to be queried after converting to the decided standard.

please cancel my account

I do not find things I needed. Can you cancel my trial account? Thank you

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How do we cancel our account? I would like to cancel my account but have no way to do that.

Sorting results

Is there a way to sort the results by a field like price for example?

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Hello, I would like to delete my account but it seems that there is not an option to do so online. Please assist me in deleting this account.

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I would like to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT