How Credits Work


Upon starting an account or new subscription with Datafiniti you will receive a new allotment of credit to your account. Your credits allow you to download records when opting to download a search.

Where Can I Find my Current Credits Used?


Credits used (Available) can be located on the Datafiniti dashboard here.

When Are Credits Charged to Your Account?

There are multiple ways to spend credits. Let go through the ways this can happen:


When performing a filtered or API search, hovering over the search box with display the amount of credits consumed by clicking search


Credits Used On Search May Vary

If the credits consumed is under the stated credits consumed by the Search box, Datafiniti will only charge for the amount of records found.
If only 10 records are displayed, we charge 10 credits.
If 0 records are found, no credits will be charged.


People Data Is usually charged at different rates than Business, property, or product data. You can reach out to [email protected] to find out your rate.

Any time you attempt a download of the records found by a search, a Download Records box will request the format and amount of records you wish to download.


the #records to download will charge against your available credits on your account.



Depending on the amount of credits needed to download a searched query, you will be charged an overage fee equal to the amount of credits over your credit's available. NOTE you will not be able to download the data files generated to your account until the overages are paid.


Overages will be displayed to your cost to download field in the download records box

When Credits are Refreshed on your account?

Your credits to your Datafiniti account refresh based off of your plan level. This can vary from monthly to annually. Please consult with your Datafiniti representative if you do not know your plan's refresh rate.


Your credits Used will reset to 0 when your account credit period is refreshed