Portal: Downloading Results

Download Result Files from the Portal

Visual Step-By-Step Walkthrough

With the Datafiniti Portal, downloading your results is a breeze!

1. Downloading Your Result Files


Download File Format

Be sure to double check which file format you are downloading. Once you trigger the download, you cannot change the format and any records downloaded will count towards your total credits used.


Once you have run a query and generated your results, you can start a download by clicking on the "Download" button. It will prompt you with the "Start Download Process," where you can a) set the number of records to download, b) determine if you want JSON or CSV format, and c) determine which specific view you'd like to use.

If you wish to learn more about views, click here.


After you submit your download, you'll see the Green prompt box with a link to your downloads page.


2. Running Your Downloads


At the "Download" tab of your account, you can see all downloads you have requested.


Clicking anywhere within the block of your Download ID will provide you with more specifics regarding that download to ensure you only download the records you are looking for. When you're ready to download, you will click "Download All" to downloads your files in the format you selected.