Portal: Advanced Querying

How to Use More Schema Fields in the Portal

While the Datafiniti web portal does not have all of the schema fields available as GUI inputs, you can actually still use many fields by adjusting the actual portal web address. Let's take a look!

1. Examining the Portal URL

Once you've run a basic search, like this one for iPhone in the Product Database, you'll notice that the URL changes to reflect this search:


It's appended product? to establish which database we're searching in, and then set query=name:(iphone). This is where we'll be building our query to use any schema field that we want to use in our searches!

2. Writing Your Own URL Query

We can use this functionality to directly control the query rather than relying on the GUI inputs. For this example, let's say we want to get iPhone products, but don't want to have any products that are categorized as accessories or cases. Ordinarily, we wouldn't be able to set categories via the portal, let alone negate categories, but by adjusting the URL directly, we're given access to more functionality with the portal.

I've updated the query to reflect our needs by typing this directly into the address bar after query=:

name:(iphone) AND -categories:(accessor* OR case*)

3. Special Cases

Let's say you're looking for information on Burger Kings from the Business database. Since the name has two words in it, you would want to put it in quotes like name:"Burger King". This ensures that Datafiniti processes the name in its entirety, otherwise, you'll get results back that have Burger in the name OR King in the name.

Once you hit Enter to submit the URL, the address will change and remove spaces since those aren't allowed in website URLs and the portal will return accurate results.