Postman: Downloading Results

How To Download Your Results

Video Walkthrough

This video will show you how to use the Datafiniti API collection in Postman to download your result files after successfully running a query!

Visual Step-By-Step Walkthrough

This walkthrough will review how to download results using Postman.

1. Get your Download ID


After running your query with "download": true, you can grab your download ID from the response you get in postman.

2. Open the "Get Download" Endpoint


Click "Get Download" in the "Downloads" folder to being the download process.

3. Request Your Result File(s)


Replace :id with your download ID number you got from Step 1. In this example, the download ID was 40.

3. Downloading The Files


Copy the URL listed in the "results."


Result Files

Result files are generated for every 100mb of records. Depending on the number of records downloading and your view, you may have many result file links, not just one.


Paste the results URL into your browser.


Hit Enter to trigger the download. Then enjoy your dataset!